For me, it’s important as a performer to set music in context so that it can speak powerfully to listeners. My goal is to devise programmes where individual pieces of music coalesce into a conversation or a drama, each work throwing the special qualities of the others into sharp relief.

If the venue permits I like to talk to the audience during a concert, giving some background about the composers, the music and the reasons why I have chosen to perform it.

Upcoming concerts

3rd December 5pm
Saint Astier, Dordogne
recital of music for Christmas
Bach, Balbastre, Daquin, Franck, Léfébure-Wely

4th April 2023
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
lunchtime recital

Bach, Elgar

27th July, 8pm
St Peter’s, Roath, Cardiff

29th July, 11am
St Michael’s, Ledbury

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